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In store only at the moment. Will update if we can do online! Thank you!

Need Curbside Pickup?

Call or text 765-760-7905 or message us on Facebook to place your order. We will get everything ready and bring it out to your vehicle! You can pay through paypal or with a card/cash upon arrival. Our website does have a pickup in store option but we are redoing our website and may be missing some items! If you do not see what you need please call, text, or message us on Facebook!

Need Help?

Every single day we consult with people that are having problems with their pets. These range from nutritional, skin, behavioral, health, and other pet issues. We would be more than happy to talk to you about your pet and see what we can do to help. To begin the process, please email 

Our most common consultations are for allergy issues and skin issues. 

Please be aware that sometimes the truth hurts. Especially when a pet owner finds out that they may not have been doing what is in their pet's best interest. We understand this but we are always very direct and clear with our informaiton and what to do what is best for the pet!

At this time, our consultation services are free of charge for simple conversations. We will not always be able to do this and at some point will have to begin charging a consultation fee. We can put together full meal and supplements plans, full product plans, and recipes as needed for clients for a charge of $60 for 6 months of plans. 

Below are just a few photos of pets that lives have been completely changed with our help. Please reach out!

Looking for Nzymes Supplements?

We are required by the supplement company to consult directly with customers before ordering the specific supplement product. If you need to order supplements, please email or call/text 765-284-5829. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Bonne et Filou Mararons
Bonne et Filou Mararons
Bonne et Filou Mararons
Bonne et Filou Mararons

Bonne et Filou Mararons

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Our dogs!

These are pictures of our 7 dogs. We have two Great Danes, two Whippets, a Jack Russel/Cavalier, a Kooikerhondje, and a Chow/lab. We do agility, barn hunt, rally, dock diving, and conformation among other sports! These guys are our whole world and the reason we started this store. All products we sell, these guys have tested out for us!

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