Is your pet ill?

Often during the fall and spring, just like humans, dogs can get some nasty colds/flu bugs going around! This often looks like diarrhea, vomiting, tired or not feeling well, not eating. Here are some very important things to consider if your pet gets sick!

Keep them hydrated!

  • Just like humans, stomach flu doesn’t mean an emergency trip unless you become dehydrated. Dogs are very resilient and as long as they stay hydrated, they will recover!

Slow down food intake!

  • Again, if you had the stomach flu, you would not eat a full meal! Give them about ¼ of their normal amount of food and consider substituting with kefir instead. Kefir will help them hydrate and is a natural probiotic.
  • Start them very slowly back on their regular food schedule once they feel better.

Keep them away from other dogs!

  • It can be contagious! Avoid getting other dogs sick.

Add some supplements to their food!

  • Kefir is a great probiotic that keeps pets hydrated and can be a meal replacement. It also tastes great and encourages them to drink.
  • Colostrum helps clear up diarrhea extremely quickly and boosts their immune system!
  • Add a powder probiotic, avoid chews because they do not need the stress on the intestines.

When to go to the vet!

  • Lethargic - unable to get up or stand, falling over, no energy. (if they are resting a lot, that is fine, they should still be able to stand on their own, walk around, go potty, etc.)
  • White gums – this is a huge sign of dehydration and you may need to get fluids!
  • If symptoms last more than 4 days – you may want to consider an appointment if vomiting and diarrhea last more than 4 days.
  • Vomiting blood – this could be a sign of something far worse. Some blood in the stools may be normal if there is extreme irritation from frequent goes.
  • Worms in stools or vomit – this is usually a sign that you have a parasite problem and need a dewormer!
  • Dehydration – if they refuse to drink and cannot keep fluids down, go to the vet.